Infused Water: The Only Thing You Need To Achieve A Glowing Skin

infused water

I myself don’t like drinking water. I prefer drinking coffee, tea or soda most of the time. However, I got to the point where in I realize that not drinking enough water is actually not good at all. Now that I’m in my late 20’s, I began thinking about how I will look like or how my body will be when I get older. I started reading blogs and articles about investing in yourself while you are still young. I might not have hit the big 3’s yet, but I’m almost there. Now I am taking care of my body and skin it’s an investment that you will not regret in the future.

Water is an integral part of human beings. When I was a medical student, I’ve learned that our body is made up of 60% water. That’s a lot of water in our body. Basically, all of our organs rely on water. Without water, they will not function well, and we could die.

We all know that drinking 8 glasses of water is needed to supply the amount of water we lose. But drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not easy. First and foremost water has no taste at all. In our generation, there are many different kinds of drinks manufactured that will satisfy our craving. Thus water has been neglected by most. We need water to survive.

The best and easiest way to increase your water intake is by drinking infused water. Infused water or detox water has many benefits in our body. Here I will give a list of the health benefits of drinking infused water.

  • Increase weight loss: drinking a glass of water before every meal will lessen the intake of food, thus fewer calories.
  • Boost your immune system: the vitamins and mineral provided by the fruits which are already mixed with the water will help keep our immune system intact.
  • Fight against pimples: increase water intake will lessen the chance of pimple break out.
  • Healthy looking skin: water will make your skin supple and glowing.
  • Your organs will function well
  • Flushed toxins out of your body: when we drink the right amount of water daily the toxins that we take in will exit our body through perspiration, urination, and defecation.
  • It aids in digestion.

These are the benefits of drinking water. Doesn’t it sound good? Therefore how to increase your intake of water? As I have mentioned infused water is the best way to engage you in taking a lot of water. Infused water is simply water plus any kind of fruits or herbs. By infusing the fruit or herb in the water, the water will now become tasty as the fruits nutrients and flavor will mix with the water. Now your water will never taste boring as it was before. You will enjoy drinking lots and lots of water, thus making you healthy.

On my next post I will give you recipes of infused water and how to prepare one.

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