Life of a Cat mom: The Perks and Challenges

pepper the black cat
Pepper by A Daily Dose of Vee

Being a mother is not easy, whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom. It takes a lot of effort, because you don’t only provide for your kids, but you also have to make sure that you also protect them spiritually, mentally, emotionally and so on. I don’t have kids, I just have an idea of how difficult it is, because I hear stories from people I know. Or, I look at my mom, and I can see that it is tough to be one. That is why we shouldn’t take them for granted. But what about being a cat mom?

I don’t usually stumble on blogs that talk about their life being a cat mom. What’s a cat mom? Well, it’s just a woman who treats their cats like their own kids. Being a cat mom is easy and at the same time challenging. Here I will share with you what are some good things and challenging things about being a cat mom.

The Perks

The best things about being a cat mom is that you have cats. Yes, as simple as that. You can hug them, pet them or play with them if you want. Aside from that, you can learn unconditional love. Cats just like dogs are also good company. Some people say that cats are snobs and don’t like attention. That statement is false. Cats do love attention, which is why they like sitting on your lap, or worst part running around the house like ninjas. Cats are adorable and fun to be with just like other animals. And once a cat loves you, it will always love you forever.

pepper the cat
Pepper by A Daily Dose of Vee

The Challenges

Now I’m done with all the good stuff about being a cat mom. Now let’s dive into the challenging part. One is you’ll never know how they feel. When a cat feels something or is making sounds you, can’t understand them. It’s difficult to decipher what they are saying. Thus you have to get used to what your cat’s meow means. When they are in pain, you’ll never know, and that is stressful to both you and your cat. Another challenging thing about being a cat mom is when your cat doesn’t want to eat. People call cats like this finicky cat. Picky cats eat one food for one week then suddenly hates it the next. Unlike kids, you can punish them or command them to eat, but for cats, you can’t. If they say no, then it’s a no. And lastly, the guilt of living them behind. Yes, you can leave them for less than 24 hours provided that you give them food and water, but it feels guilty to leave them alone at home.

cayenne the cat
Cayenne on my artwork

But if you ask me being a cat mom is incredible. You learn a lot as you go along taking care of your cats. Some say cats are not high maintenance, but I think they are both, it depends on their mood. Just like other animals and just like us, cats need love and attention too. Show your cat/s some love today or if you don’t have one, then adopt.


I invite you to share photos of your cats, and what’s the best and worst thing about being a cat mom/dad.

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