Cat 101: For Beginners


Vanessa Menon Illustration

When I was a kid, we used to have five dogs, but I wasn’t in charge of taking care of them. The only thing I do is play with them and occasionally feed them. I never know how to take care of dogs, and most especially cats. The first time I have Pepper was four years ago. No one in my family has any idea how to take care of a cat.

I bought Pepper from a friend of mine I was terrified when I saw her. She was a tiny kitten hiding at the corner, away from people. I asked for some advice from a friend on what to feed my cat. He told me to buy dry foods. I did buy dry foods, but Pepper hates it. I was confused, worried, and my sanity was almost gone, but looking back I realize it’s fine that I felt that way. Without those experiences, I wouldn’t have learned anything, and I wouldn’t have done my best to learn. I want to share with you what to do and how it feels like if it’s your first time to take care of a cat.

Sometimes they love it, sometimes they don’t

Let’s face it some cats are picky eaters. They want a certain food for a while then, later on, they’ll drive you crazy by not eating (even if they are hungry). However, they will eventually eat when they become extremely hungry. There are some ways to make your cat eat her food. If in case your cat doesn’t want to eat don’t force them. Just leave their food there and let them decide if they are ready to eat. Unless if they are sick, you have to consult your vet.

Cats clean themselves well

Cats shouldn’t normally take a bath every day, given that they go outside every day or are extremely dirty. Cats are natural groomers. They clean themselves all the time that is why you see them licking their body for hours. Excessive bathing can lead to drying of you cats fur. It will make their coat dull and fragile.

Never punish your cat

The first time I was mad at my cat, I punished her, and I regret it. I thought back then that punishing your pet will help but it wouldn’t. Animal brains are wired differently from ours. They don’t know what is right from what is wrong. Therefore, punishing them will not help them. It will only increase their sense of fear in humans.


What to feed

I feed my cats with dry food and wet food, because I fear that they will have kidney problems if they only eat pure dry foods. Wet foods are a bit expensive, but it’s good for you cats. I’m not saying dry foods are not healthy but comparing between the two wet is better. There are many dry foods that you can choose depending on what your cat likes and the content.

Once you get a cat, you’ll never go back

I never knew I love cats until I got one, and because of that, I realized that I’m a cat person too. Every time I see a cat I go crazy and want to hug them. I even adopted a stray kitten and now his with us for more than a year. Cats are awesome, and you’ll never know until you get one.

Cayenne (my rescued cat) and Pepper

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