Product Review: Ovale Facial Mask

Product review facial mask
Ovale Facial Mask

It is important to have a daily skincare routine because it will serve as an investment in your future. I realized that now that I am approaching my 30’s. On my last post, I shared my daily routine on how I take care of my skin. Today I’ll be sharing with you one of the products I recently added to my skincare routine.

Ovale Lemon Facial Mask is one of the new products I am using right now. Before I say what I think about it let me tell you a little bit about the product.

Lemon Ovale Facial Mask

Ovale Facial Mask

Ovale Facial Mask is a product owned by an Indonesian company called Kino. Aside from their facial mask, they have other products that you can check on their site (if you want). Ovale facial mask comes in five different types. Each of their variants has a different effect on your skin, I have just tried two only.


  • Lemon is for fighting acne
  • Cucumber is for reducing the production of excess oil
  • Tomato is to achieve a youthful skin
  • Yam Bean to give your skin a glowing effect
  • Avocado to make you skin soft
Tomato Ovale Facial Mask

Where to Buy and it’s price

The product is affordable, but there is only one store here that sells this product, and I just tried it out of curiosity.

Content and Packaging

A single pack of Ovale Facial mask is 15g, and it is single use only. The problem with it is that it’s a lot to put on your face that you end up applying a thick amount on your face just because you need to use all of it.

The Facial Mask contains Vitamin E and C, and Algae extract plus whatever variant you have obtained (e.g. lemon, avocado, tomato).

Avocado Ovale Facial Mask


You have to wash your face before applying the mask. You must remove all makeup because the purpose of using facial mask is to make your skin breath and relax from your daily routine. You have to wait for 15 to 20 minutes before washing the mask off. It is not a peel off mask that is why it is a little bit challenging to wash off the mask from your face.


I have only tried the Cucumber and Lemon Facial mask, and I got different results from both of them. I am not a fan of the Cucumber Facial mask. It makes my skin a little dry, but the Lemon Facial Mask gave me a good result. I end up having soft skin.

Probably I will try the other variants of this mask soon. For now, I have been using The Ovale Lemon Facial Mask for almost a month, and I like what it does to my skin.

Cucumber Ovale Facial Mask



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