Coffee Addict or Tea Lover, Which One are You?

a cup of coffee or tea

There will always be two kinds of people, the coffee addict and the tea lover, which one are you?

I can’t remember when I have been drinking coffee. Coffee is something that makes me feel cozy and happy. I can’t even remember how many cups of coffee I can drink in a day before. However, as tempting as it may be I limit now my coffee intake to one or two cups a day. The reason I do it is because of the following:

  1. I have been diagnosed with Hyperacidity, and drinking a lot of coffee will just make it worse.
  2. I don’t drinking water when I increase my intake of coffee.
  3. It doesn’t help my immune system and my skin.
  4. It’s not as effective as it was the first time I drank coffee, I feel sleepy no matter how many cups I drink.
  5. Too much coffee is not good for my (and our) health.

I drink tea sometimes when I’m in the mood to make one. I have many different kinds of loose tea that I bought just because they look pretty and when I’m trying to cut-off my coffee intake. I don’t drink much tea, just when I want it. My favorite tea to drink is peppermint tea (of any brand) because it gives me a relaxing feeling.

However, do we know what are the advantages and disadvantages of coffee and tea to our health? Let us dive into each of them one at a time. Hold on to this guys, it may be a little bit longer to read, but it will help you figure out what is best for you.




Loose Tea




coffee and donuts

Coffee and tea have advantages that are good for our health, however, it is important to take them in moderation. Everything in excess will always have a bad effect on our body.

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