Product Review: Human Nature Night Moisturizer

Night Moisturizer 100% Natural
Night Moisturizer 100% Natural

I’ve been looking for the perfect moisturizer for my skin. It took me a couple of months to find one that perfectly fits with my skin. Now I have finally found a night moisturizer that I’ve always needed. Before I tell you about the product I will have to discuss briefly the importance of it.


When we sleep our skin secretes oil to moisturize our skin, because it dries up. That is why the use of moisturizer is important. It will lessen the secretion of oil that could block your skin pores and lead to acne.


Human Nature 100% Night Moisturizer is made of jojoba seed oil and plant collagen that is 100% good for moisturizing skin. What is Jojoba Seed Oil and plant collagen?

  • Jojoba Seed Oil has many effects on your skin, first it has a moisturizing effect that prevents drying of the skin. Secondly, it is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect. Last, but not the least Jojoba Seed oil is used to sooth burns.
  • Plant Collagen is helpful for regenerating the skin after a long day and from the makeup with apply on out skin.

In addition, the Human Nature 100% Night Moisturizer smells great. According to their website it says that the scent is made of Chamomile. Chamomile has a relaxing effect in our body, thus it is perfect to add it to you night care routine.


Human Nature 100% Night Moisturizer is available only on pump-on tube. The only available is 50 ml. Maybe it would be better if they have also a 100 ml size, aside from their travel size moisturizer. The packaging is good, however it’s better if the make more like a transparent container, and instead of using a picture of a flower. Probably it would look nice if they rather used botanical illustrations from local illustrators.

Good Chemistry
A Beautiful Packaging by Good Chemistry Photo: Pinterest


Human Nature is a company from the Philippines that not only help people achieve a healthier look, but it also help poor communities in the Philippines. You can see at the back of each of their product that they were given the cruelty free seal, as they never tests their products on animals. You can read more on their website. Plus the bonus part is that they use all natural ingredients from nature.

All in all I love their product and the cause that this company is doing. Aside from it makes my skin feel good it also helps indigenous group of people in the Philippines. Probably the only thing is that they need to add a bigger size and to change the packaging or container of the product. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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