Statement Earrings: The Perfect Accessory to Complete Your Outfit

earrings accessory

An outfit will only stand out when paired with the right accessory. I like to always believe in that statement. Even if you wear the dullest outfit, it can still stand out if you know which accessories to pair it with, like a cute bag, sunglasses, necklace, earrings or anything. I like accessories but not all of them. My most go-to accessory are statement earrings. I like how attractive they are, and with only a pair of it, your outfit will look perfect.

I enjoy making earrings, especially the big ones. I rarely use stud earrings, probably only when needed, like an elegant pearl earring for a classy evening. However, most of the time I wear statement earrings. The best way to wear a statement earrings is to pull your hair back to a bun. It can be any type of bun, but usually, the best one is the messy bun hairstyle.

Last month I purchased some pair of statement earrings, and I love them. My favorite one is the golden face earrings. It looks a bit ethnic and unique (but it’s a little heavy).

Before I share some of my lovely earrings, here are some pictures I saw on Pinterest about statement earrings. You are going to fall in love with them so much you might purchase one immediately.

earrings accessory fashion style
earrings style fashion
Photo: Neilson Barnard Via Getty
earrings accessory style fashion
Photo: Pinterest

Here are some earrings I purchased online.

fashion accessory earrings style
A Daily Dose of Vee
fashion accessory earrings style
A Daily Dose of Vee
fashion accessory earrings style
A Daily Dose of Vee

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