Five Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

artwork illustrator instagram
Photo Credit: @_vanessa_menon_

Instagram has been a big part of this generation. We like taking photographs and posting it online, either on Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram. Most of us love looking at photos because they have this sense of nostalgia or it makes us happy.

I usually spent most of my time scrolling on Instagram (my favorite app on my phone). I know it’s not a good habit, but I love looking at pictures of lovely illustrations, tea parties and many more. Today I will be featuring five of my favorite Instagram accounts of illustrators that I have been secretly stalking all the time (just kidding!!)


For almost two years I have been following Dinara Mirtalipova on Instagram. She makes these lovely folklore illustrations. Furthermore, she uses different kinds of mediums when creating something. Mirdinara was born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan thus you can see that her childhood and culture influenced her artwork. She has worked with various brands such as Godiva and Anthropologies. She also does some illustrations for children’s book.

Looking at her Instagram, you can notice the same shades of colors that she usually uses in making her illustrations. Here’s Mirdinara’s Instagram for you to look at and fall in love with.

artwork illustrator instagram
Photo Credit: @mirdinara

Gemma Kooman

If you are looking for relaxing daily illustrations about the daily things in life, then Gemma Kooman is the one you should be following. Her illustrations are inspired by her life in her cozy place in Northumberland, UK. Kooman uses gouache, ink, and colored pencils as her main mediums when illustrating her adorable children’s illustrations.

artwork illustrator instagram
Photo Credit: @gemmankoomen

Rivulet Paper

The woman behind Rivulet Paper is Lily Seika Jones. She is currently residing in Seattle, although Ms. Jones was born and raised in Canada. If you remember those classic children’s book with delicate illustrations, Jones illustrations are similar to those kinds of art. It was mentioned on that Jones grew up around books such as The Chronicles of Narnia, The series of Unfortunate Events, and Lord of the Rings. Follow Rivulet Paper and fall in love with her detailed work of classical illustrations.

artwork illustrator instagram
Photo Credit: @rivuletpaper

Helena Perez Garcia

A touch or surrealism is seen in Helena Perez Garcia’s illustrations. Garcia is a Spanish artist who is living in London. She incorporates a little bit of nature and mystery in her art. Some of Garcia’s illustrations portray characters with a twist of uncertainty about them. She often uses gouache and colored pencils as her main medium for illustrations. My favorite illustrations of her are her paintings called The Dresser, The Lightness of Being, and her illustration Untitled II (not sure if that is the name of her painting, I just saw it on her website.)

artwork illustrator instagram
Photo Credit: @helena.perezgarcia

Ohkii Studio

If you are into tropical looking illustrations, then you should be following Ohkii Studio by Angela Mckay. She is a Brooklyn based artist who came from the sunny islands of Australia and Thailand. McKay’s illustrations are inspired by the places she visited, and it always has this summer vibe that will make you fall in love with summer all the time. Mckay’s illustrations are like a getaway to a tropical place.

artwork illustrator instagram
Photo Credit: @ohkiistudio

Check their Instagram accounts, and let me know what you think of it. If you know any illustrators out there that I could follow you can share them on the comment section.

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