Embroidery 101: The Basics of Embroidery and My Experience

DMC Thread Photo Credit: A Daily Dose of Vee

Art has always been a part of my life, and I cannot take it out of me. It’s something that I use to express myself and to escape from reality. Art makes the world beautiful, and it becomes a stress reliever for people. In addition, art becomes a form of expression for individuals in this world.

Art can be anything. Art can be the way you cook your food, or how you tell stories to your friends. Art is everything and everywhere. Since I am talking about art, I would like to share with you a new form of art I am trying to learn now. Recently I saw a lot of pictures on Instagram and Pinterest about embroidery. I fell in love with how people are so patient on making those things. It’s amazing how all those threads are sewn together and turn into something adorable. The art of embroidery is like a painting. However, instead of using watercolor or oil paint as a medium, the artist uses thread, sequin or beads.

Embroidery Hoop Photo Credit: A Daily Dose of Vee

I tried to make one for the sake of learning something new and because it looks beautiful. However, in this post, I won’t be showing you the basics or how to embroider because I am still not good at it. I will share with you sites and videos that you can watch for you to begin this form of art.

Websites that will help you begin you love of embroidery:

If you are not fond of reading step by step instruction because you cannot picture it then here are some links to videos you can watch to make it easier for you.

If you want to be specific on what to make you can search more videos and articles on how to do them. Here I only present the basic way or how to begin the art of embroidery.

Here is my first attempt at making one. Please forgive me because it’s not that good and I am still getting the hang of it.

My First Attempt Photo Credit: A Daily Dose of Vee

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