Product Review: Human Nature Eyeshadow Palette

Previously, I said that I am not into makeup that much. I prefer only using lipstick or maybe lip tint. However, suddenly I fell in love with the art of makeup. Before I share to you the very first eyeshadow palette I bought a month ago (yes, that’s just a month ago), I would love to share why I suddenly love using makeup.

My Love for Makeup

I am a huge fan of French style. I am so obsessed on how they put themselves together and still look effortless. Who doesn’t want to look pretty and yet still looks like you just woke up like that? So, I stumble on Violette Grey’s Youtube channel. I try to look more videos and found her personal channel called Violette_fr. I watched all of her videos and my gosh she is amazing! I can’t explain how I felt when I saw her put makeup on. It’s like there’s no effort at all and yet she still ends up perfect. Watching her put makeup makes me wonder if I can do it. That’s why I have been wearing makeup now when I go to work, and I really enjoy it. Sometimes I can’t even wait for it to be tomorrow so I can wear makeup again.

My First Eyeshadow Palette Purchase

Going back to the eyeshadow palette I first bought. Honestly, I have no idea what eyeshadow should I buy, and I am on a tight budget. So, I look for an affordable and beautiful eyeshadow palette. As you can remember, I have always been reviewing products from Human Nature. I am a big fan of their skincare line. I learned that they have two sets of eyeshadow shades; the Sunset Bloom and Earthy Beauty. I bought the Sunset Bloom palette.

makeup eyeshadow

About the Product

Human Nature’s Sunset Bloom eyeshadow palette is 100% natural, meaning that ingredients used are not toxic to our skin. It says on their website that their product is “Richly Pigmented,” which I find it to be true. The eyeshadow palette I bought (Sunset Bloom) has three shades, Sand (Matte), Coral Sky (Glittery), and Dusk (Glittery).


I love that the tone of colors can all be used to make an amazing smoky eye effect. Moreover, the packaging is also amazing. It gives a tropical vibe just like its name (Sunset Bloom). Inside the packaging, they have provided a small instruction on how to use their product in different ways.

makeup eyeshadow
Love the Packaging

Weight: 0.14 oz. / 3.9 g

Price: 350 pesos or $7

Expiration date: a year only

Rating: 5/5

It is affordable and friendly to use. Plus, they are never tested in animals, which I love the most. I might try their Earthy Beauty soon.

Here’s the swatch of Human Nature’s Sunset Bloom Eyeshadow Palette.

eyeshadow makeup
From top to bottom: Sand (Matte), Coral Sky (Glittery), and Dusk (Glittery)

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