Nail Polish Review and Colors I Love

I love it when people have colored nails. They look fun and fancy (depending on the shade of nail polish). I’m a big fan of painted nails. I like changing my nail colors every week. My favorite go-to colors are nude, black, and red. Yes, I do like the basic colors because they go easily with any outfit I wear.

Today I’ll show you one of the brands of nail polish I usually wear. I don’t splurge much on nail products because I tend to change the color of my nails weekly. It’s too expensive if I do that. Anyway, one of the products I usually use is Caronia. This is one of the local leading nail polish brands in the Philippines. They have a wide range of colors you can choose at if you want to. They also release colors that are in line with the holiday celebration.


Amount: It comes in 8 and 15 ml.

How long does it last: I’m not sure if the nail polish can last more than a week because I haven’t tried using a single color for more than a week. But it definitely lasts for a week or less.

Application: I haven’t tried a single color in the Caronia brand were in you can only apply a single layer, and the color is intense. Most of the time I have to do two or three coating before I achieve the desired color.

Recommendation: Definitely will recommend it. Its affordable and has a wide range of colors you can have fun with.

More info: It doesn’t dry quickly.

Here are some of the colors I owned and enjoyed playing with.

Black is when I am in a mood of being a tough chic.

I wear red if I feel classy and sophisticated. Plus, I think wearing red polish gives you more confidence and makes you feel sexy. Red is always a hot shade.

Nude is when I want to look elegant but not too bold. It is subtle and also comes out classy like the shade of red.

Golden bronze is also one of the shades I like. It’s not too glittery, and it also runs close to the nude shade. Its a fun color for a night out or summer days.

Rose Golden shade is more of a feminine color that also belongs to one of those colors that are sophisticated but not loud.

There you have it guys my favorite shades of nail polish. Let me know if you have any recommendations. See you next time!

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