My Lipstick Collection and A Short Review Part One (Its Maybelline)

Of all the categories of makeup, lipstick is by far my favorite. I always think that having a beautiful colored lip is everything. For me, lipstick brightens a person’s face, and it also matches a person’s mood on that day. Most of the time my lipstick color goes with my mood or outfit. I wear red when I feel a bit sexy or confident. Sometimes I tone down the color of my lip by using shades of pink or nude. How fun is wearing lipstick right!

Makeup Confession

I’ll share a short confession before I show to you my small collection of lipsticks. Before I was never into makeup. I think why do women wear makeup? Why do they have to color their faces and hide everything? I always think that wearing makeup makes you look fake. It’s unnatural, and it’s hideous. Then as I mature, I learned that wearing makeup is actually fun. It’s not fake, it’s not hideous, and most importantly, it’s actually beautiful. No, I am not an expert in applying makeup, but now I know and am learning, how to do my makeup. I always like to think now that makeup doesn’t exist to hide who you are. It exists to enhance the beauty we already have.

My Lipstick Collection Part One

Now we go to the fun part, my lipstick collection. I know I only have a small collection of lipstick, but I’ll be dividing this post into two parts so that it won’t be too long for you to read.

First, I go to my collection of Maybelline lipsticks. There are different formulas of the Maybelline lipsticks. I own two creamy mattes and one powdery matte.

Lipstick Maybelline Matte Makeup
(From Left to Right: Craving Coral (Creamy Matte), Almond Nude (Powdery Matte), and Chili Nude (Creamy Matte)

Maybelline Lipsticks

Lipstick on the lips: It actually erases easily on your lips, because they’re not designed like those strong, intense matte formulas. However, even though it washes off, a bit of tint is left on your lips.

Price: Creamy Matte (199) and Powdery Matte (299)

The colors I own are Almond Pink, Craving Coral, Chili Nude.

Almond Pink: A pinkish nude color. It’s great for my skin tone, and it’s one of my everyday lipstick.

Craving Coral: I have recently bought this one and haven’t tried it. I just always wanted to own an orange lipstick. The color is an intense red-orange that is so bright. I love a bright colored lip (especially orange). Can’t wait to try this!

Chili Nude: I was looking for a coral or orange lipstick, that is not that intense. When I tried a swatch of this (under a yellow light, because that’s the lighting in most of our beauty drugstores here), all I saw was a red-orange color (like the color of Craving Coral). It turns out to be a brownish red-orange. But, I end up loving it because it’s not as loud as my Craving Coral shade, and I can use it every day.

Now let’s take a look at my Maybelline Color Jolt Matte Lip Paint. These lipsticks are more of an intense lip tint. But, they are more of a matte formula. They last a bit longer than my other Maybelline lipsticks.

You Red-Me: an intense red, more of a tomato red. I love the color of this because it’s so intense it’s perfect for a night out with friends or a date.

How Bare You: A peachy nude. I love a nude shade, but I’m finding it hard to look for one that won’t make my lips look chap or dry. This one has the same formula as the You Red-Me, but I’m not into it because my lips tend to create this white line in between my lips where it presses together. It doesn’t look good. It often happens to me when I use nude lipsticks I don’t know why.

So that’s the part one of my collection. Stay tuned on my part two review. I hope you like this post. Don’t forget to follow my blog and my other social media accounts. Comment below if you have any suggestions on what lipstick should I try or buy. Thank you, and see you next time.


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