Words To Live By

There are times when we get so inspired with words we read or hear from a book, on the internet, from a person, or a song. Words can truly affect our lives. Words are important, but on the other hand, they are dangerous. That is why we must always take the time to use it carefully for us not to harm anyone. My post is not about words that could harm people. Instead, I am going to share with you quotes that inspires me whenever I feel down, or needed some motivation.

Sometimes these quotes can lift our spirits up or inspire us. It’s great that it has this effect, rather than hurting us. That is why I am sharing these words to live by for you to be inspired. I hope you’ll enjoy these guys. All the photos are taken from Pinterest, I do not own them.


“You have to learn to fall in love with yourself. You have to see all your faults, shortcoming, flaws, and accept them instead of using them as something to hurt yourself. You must learn to see the goodness in you, the beauty in you, and the kindness in you. You have to love yourself with all that you have and all that you can because if there is anyone who deserves your love, that’s you.”

-Vanessa, You Must Love Yourself More


“If I wait ’til it feels right
I’ll be waiting my whole life”

-Vance Joy, “Like Gold”

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the quotes. And hopefully, you have found something that will inspire you or make you feel good today. See you in my next post.

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