My Journal Supply Haul

“When we write we set ourselves free from our demons.” – V.M, The Power of Writing

When I was young, I love writing in my diary. My diary consists only of my daily life, nothing else. I usually don’t write much about how I feel, just the things I do every day. When I grew up, I turned to poetry. It became my life. However, as the years went by, writing has never been my priority. I felt that I am not good at it, therefore I stopped.

However, recently I watched Jordan Clark’s videos on Youtube, and I fell in love with her aesthetic vibe videos, DIY projects, and bullet journals. I have therefore decided to go into journaling. I was hesitant at first because my first thought is I don’t want to document my daily life, and I felt that I am not good at writing. It took me a while, but I gained the courage to begin one. I realized that journaling doesn’t have to be about your everyday life, and no one needs to read it. Now I couldn’t stop myself from journaling.

Recently, I bought some supplies like stickers and postcards for my journal. I just want to share them with you, because they are too cute not to share.

journal supplies like stickers and postcards
Journal Supplies I Bought Recently

First I’ll start with the stickers I bought online and from a local shop.

flatlay stickers
Stickers from a local shop (Expressions)
close up of the previous photo
Close up

I have used these stickers in my journal already. The stars are embossed, and they look pretty in my journal spread.


These stickers are from China. I bought them online from Shopee (it’s an online shopping site that is famous here in my country). I’ll share the link below for you to check their shop.

flatlay stickers

I like these stickers because they look like they just came out of Pinterest, and I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. It will add some aesthetic to your journal.

Sticker Flat Lay
From Expressions
Vintage sticker stamps
Van Gogh Postcards
Van Gogh Postcards

This one’s my favorite among all the journal supplies I bought. It has 30 different paintings of Van Gogh turned into beautiful postcards.



I’ll be writing a separate post about my journaling process soon. I’m not sure if it would be on my next post but stay tune guys. I hope these cute little things inspire you to start your own journal too. See on my next post.


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