What’s For Breakfast: A Simple Smoothie Recipe

Lately, I’m obsessed with making smoothies. I’m a newbie when it comes to making one, but I have learned some ways to not spend a lot when you want to make a delicious and healthy smoothie.

At first, I was adding yogurt and milk, but I began thinking to cut back on dairy products. Therefore, I scratch off the yogurt and try to find a replacement for cow’s milk. But in my recipe here, I’ll just show you what alternative I use to cow’s milk.

a flatlay of the ingredients
Simple Ingredients


  • Oats
  • Fruit of any choice
  • Water
  • Honey
  • Kale or spinach (optional)


  • Put the fruits and kale or spinach (optional) on the blend.
  • After blending the fruits and green leafy vegetables, and water and oats. Make sure the water is not more than the oats, it should be equal. Then blend.
  • Add honey depending on how sweet you want it.

I didn’t add milk in my recipe because the oats and water will be the one that’ll act as the milk on your smoothie. If you want you can make oat milk, just follow this link to make one. And, I’m serving my drink on a recycled honey jar to save the environment.

Honey Dew Oat Smoothie on a recycled honey bottle
Honey Dew Oat Smoothie

I hope you enjoyed these guys! If you have any suggestion on what smoothie recipes I should try just comment down below. #liveahealthylife

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