The Making of the Stone House Painting

I have decided to include stories of my artwork for people to know what goes on in the mind of an artist while doing their work. I am not a professional artist, I am just an amateur artist. I love painting or illustrating anything that tickles my imagination.

This is the image I am about to paint.

stone house surrounded with colorful trees

I was amazed by the pop of color seen in the windows and doors of the house. Therefore, I’ve decided to paint this one. It took me just four days to finish the painting because I didn’t go much into the details. When I work, I don’t paint much of the details, and I don’t exactly copy the picture 100%. My style will always be incorporated when I paint something.

My Work in Progress

Day 1: It was late at night, and I did a rough sketch of the painting. I added a wash of blue for the sky. P.S. I used gouache and acrylic when making this painting.

Day 2: I added the background trees. Since I’ve been using gouache here, I have to make each layer dry, therefore I read a book in between each layer. I accidentally fall asleep while reading, but woke up at around 4 am and began painting.

Day 3: I finally added the details for the house and the grass. It was a tedious job but at the end worth it. Normally I get bored when I continue to paint for a long time, which is why I take breaks in between. By the way, when I paint, I like to listen to music. It makes the atmosphere feel more free and calming. I was listening to Lewis Capaldi and Vance Joy while painting.

Day 4: I added the dried grass section today. It didn’t come out the way I was expecting it, but it looks fine. So here, the final look of my work. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. However, I just want to share this to you.

The final product

Thanks for reading guys. I’ll be posting more of my work in progress here.

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