DIY PROJECT #1: Mini/ Travel Size Sketchbook

I finally decided to make a DIY tutorial for you my lovely readers. I hope you’ll understand my steps as I’ll be using pictures instead of explaining through words because based on my experience as a reader and DIY enthusiast I often understand pictures rather than reading the instructions on how to.

My first DIY tutorial is going to be a mini sketchbook. Since I love illustrating small things I have decided to make something that I myself can use, and you can also try it if you haven’t. So, here we go.


Most of my materials are recycled item. I found them around my room.

  • Glue (E6000) and Elmer’s glue (or any glue you have)
  • Watercolor paper or any paper suitable for sketching
  • Cardboard
  • Brown bag
  • Paint
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Push pin


My paper measures 2.5 x 3 inches. I measured 0.5 inches away from the paper as a guide to sew my papers.

I make a hole using the push pin.

Time to sew together the pages. I use a basic running and back stitch for this method.

Measure the thickness of the paper and add an excess of 0.5, to make the cover of the sketchbook bigger than the paper.

The cover is divided into three parts: the front cover, the spine, and the back cover. Glue them all together with a small distance between each for it to be easily open or close when sketching.

Cut another piece of paper and glue at the back and sides of the paper. This is the one that will come in contact with the cover.

Fold it, like in the picture.

Glue the folded parts into the color. Note: do not glue the spine area. Leave it with no glue for it to easily move when turning the pages of the sketchbook.

Take the first and last page of the sketchbook and glue to the cover to make the sketchbook more secure and to hide the thread.

Cover the inside of front and back of the sketchbook

Cover the entire book to hide the cardboard

Design your sketchbook cover, and then you’re done. Tada!

I hope you enjoy and understand this tutorial. Sorry for the dirty hands in the photo because I was busy painting my new products while making this tutorial. Tell me what do you think of this tutorial. If you tried this tag me on your project, I do want to see it. I hope you have fun guys, until next time.

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