Social Media Free Weekend You Can Try Alone or With Friends

For most of us, the weekend is the only time we get to do the things we love, like traveling or maybe reading a book. It’s the only time we get to relax and let go of work or maybe school work. However, most of us don’t live a weekend that completely relaxes us or makes us feel recharged. Therefore, when Monday comes, we begin to wish for the weekend again.

Often our energy completely drains because we spend most of our time online. We check out the Instagram posts of our friends or other people. We spend most of our time watching YouTube videos (Let’s admit it, it’s fun right?), or we go to Facebook. All these social media platforms sometimes drain us of our energy. We begin to feel worthless, and we question our life. That is why it’s better to unplug for a while, even just for the weekend. Besides, you can go without looking at your phone or laptop for two days, I guarantee you.

Here I have listed some of the things you can do to have a happy, recharged, and social-media free weekend.


If you live in a place that is surrounded by mountains or hiking trails (like me) you can go out and take a walk. Live your phone behind, but if you want to take pictures, you can switch it to airplane mode. Don’t post it on any social media accounts. For now, take a picture for the sole purpose that you want to preserve the beauty just for your eyes only.

green nature
beauty of nature untouched by humans

You can also bring along a journal because when we are with nature, we all feel something breathtaking. There is something about nature that brings the poet inside of us. It resurfaces all these beautiful emotions we have.


I’m not a good cook. I usually follow recipes online, and I still fail. But, it’s okay. The only thing that matters is you spend time with something new, or maybe you’ll find out that you are the best or maybe the worst cook anyway, and you can have a laugh about it. Cooking is one way to express our inner artist and it can also teach us to focus on every detail of the recipe.

Pursue a hobby

If you want something, go do it, even if it’s only during the weekend. But if you can, do it every day. I love to paint and create things, and for me, if I don’t do anything creative in a day I feel exhausted and a little bit lost. That is why I paint even during weekdays. However, most of my weekends are spent on painting. It gives me a way to let go of the stress. That is why I recommend you to find a hobby and spend time with it. You’ll never know, maybe one day your hobby will be your career.

paint brush

Try something new

This is like pursuing your hobby or maybe discovering it. If you already know your hobby but want to expand more, it’s always better to try something new. We are all limited in some ways, but the only way to find out our limitations is to try everything first.

I am one of those people who always immediately say I can’t without trying. This then leads me to feeling regret in the future. But now I always make it a habit to try something first even for a week before I say that I can’t.

Read a book

If you say it’s boring, then my friend you haven’t found the perfect book for you yet. Whether we like it or not there are books that are boring. No matter how much you love books, you’ll experience boredom when you encounter a book that doesn’t fit your taste at all.

paulo coelho books, books stock together

Books are the gateway to another world. Therefore, we can temporarily escape life by being somewhere beautiful. How to know if a book is boring? Well first think of the things you like in life, then find a book about it. There will always be a book out there that will perfectly fit your interest.

Those are just a few of the things you can do during the weekend. I listed more activities you can enjoy alone or with people you love.

  • Call a friend
  • Write/ begin a journal
  • Try some DIY projects
  • Travel
  • Discover something a new place in your restaurant
  • Write a book
  • Start a garden
  • Go to the Museum
  • Clean your room/house
  • Go to a thrift shop
  • Plan your coming week

Have a happy weekend guys!

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