A Simple Self-love Recipe

Self-love is a big word in our society. It is a part of our life that we need to incorporate daily. But, why is it the most difficult and underrated task? Why is it terrifying to confront ourselves and be the best version of who we are?

I have never known what is self-love until I was on my twenties. When I was young I never cared what people say, maybe that’s why it’s always great to look at kids. They are inspiring indeed because they are their true selves and yet don’t care what others may think of them.

When I was a teenager, I am extremely insecure about everything. I thought that this insecurity of mine was because I was not as pretty as the other girls. Or maybe, there is no way for me to become beautiful. Yet, after all, the only way to get out this thought of “I am not beautiful. I am not enough” is to love myself, and I never knew that.

Now that I became so much aware of self-love I made it the top of my list. For years I learned to accept who I am, be aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and love me as me. Yes, there are times when I feel insecure, but I know that I am more than my insecurities. And hopefully one day I’ll be able to inspire people to love themselves too.

As I am on the process of loving myself, I learned some things about it. And, I would love to share some of my thoughts on how to love who you are. I called this, the recipe of self-love.

The Recipe to Self-love

Being aware of who you are will help you know yourself more. You can change the things you don’t like about yourself, like a bad habit. Self-awareness will lead you to your best self too as you’ll be able to also focus on your strengths.

Beauty is in Everything
Beauty can be many things, but one struggle we have is physical beauty. Yes, there would be someone younger and beautiful than you, but it doesn’t take away your beauty. Sometimes a person who loves themselves exudes charisma, which is more powerful than physical beauty.

Self Care
Indulge in the simple things in life. Find the time to take care of yourself. Prioritize you because when you don’t who’ll do it. A step to loving yourself is to care for yourself. You should do the things that make you happy and feel the emotions that you need to feel.

Take care of yourself

Find your Calling
Sometimes when we get stuck on a job that we don’t like, we begin to question our existence, and often it leads to lower self-confidence. We even hate ourselves more and bit ourselves up because we are not satisfied in life.

Pursuing my dream to be an artist

Therefore, go out and find what you really love. Pursue your passion with all that you can.

Know that You Are Enough
We often think that we are not worthy of anything in life. We hate ourselves because we see ourselves as someone who is useless, but remember we do not exist for no reason at all.

I want you to know that without you the world would never exist and be complete. So remember that you are important, your existence makes you enough. You are enough.

I hope my dear readers that you’ll have the courage to be happy about yourself. And, if you aren’t, don’t worry, self-love takes an immense amount of time before you get there. Even I am still on the process. Good luck beautiful!

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  1. tessykayler says:

    thanks for really posting this


    1. vanessa says:

      you’re welcome 🙂


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