Loveat: A Cat Food Product Review

One of the benefits of having a cat is that you get to buy different kinds of treats or cat food that you can give to them. And, they absolutely love it. New cat food equals happiness for my cats.

I saw this cat food named Loveat at a local store here in my area. I was amazed by the packaging and the various flavors of it. I grab all six flavors for my cats to try it.

loveat cat food in six flavors
Six Flavors (Left to right, Top) Salmon, Razor clam fresh, White meat tuna,
(Left to right, Bottom) Katsuobushi, Anchovy, Chicken breast

Loveat is a Korean pet product that offers foods for cats and dogs. They don’t have an actual website which makes it difficult to look up for more products regarding their brand. I even tried to look for reviews about it, but I didn’t come across one yet.


Variants: It comes in six flavors for the cat food (Salmon, Razor clam fresh, White meat tuna, Chicken breast, Anchovy, and Katsuobushi).

Packaging: It has an easy peel opening. And, the best part is the rim of it because it is designed to be safe.

Loveat cat food packaging
easy way to open the can

Content: Some of the products has toppings which seem to be amazing, and delicious I guess. My cats love it.

Loveat cat food toppings
gourmet cat food with toppings, the inner rim of the container has a safe edge.

Ingredients: All ingredients are seen in the pictures the only thing that is different is the main ingredient.

loveat ingredients

Price: $1.05 only.

Overall: I certainly would recommend this product for you to try, and I hope this will make your cats happy.

loveat cat food

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