Pepper the Adventure Cat: First Hike

I have always been wanting to take Pepper out and let her experience the world. I always want to turn her into one of those #adventurecats. However, I always find myself making excuses.

Every time I see a picture of a cat on an adventure I imagine it to be me and Pepper. It looks fun but, of course, I know it’s not easy. In life, everything you want doesn’t come that easily you have to work hard for it. That’s why if I want to go on adventures with my cat I have to be prepared. And, most importantly, I have to take the first step.

Pepper the Backyard Hanging Cat

Pepper used to hang out in our backyard when she was young. Since I work at night, I have the time to bring Pepper out and walk her. However, in 2017 I didn’t have the time to bring her out. Instead, she spends most of her time indoors, yet I know how much her heart longs for the outdoors. Last year, I took some time to walk her outside because I was preparing her for bigger adventures. But now she’s sick. Her kidneys are swelling but other than that she’s doing well. I was reluctant at first to give it a try but, I eventually cave into taking her on a mini hike.

Pepper a pure black himalayan persian cat cat loafing on our backyard
Pepper the backyard cat

Pepper’s First Adventure

This is Pepper, experiencing her very first outdoor adventure far away from our backyard. She was nervous at first, especially when she sees some people. I hope that she’ll get well soon so we can go on other amazing adventures together.

Pepper the adventure cat
Pepper not wanting to walk
Pepper the lazy adventure cat

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