How to be Creative


Being motivated or inspired to do your work or create something is a difficult job. I know because as a content writer I am tasked to submit three articles a day. Whether I’m in the mood or not I have to force myself to write something. I have to admit some of my works are not that great because I have to drag myself just to submit on time. But, that’s life. That’s how you can be called a professional. Sometimes being a professional is not about getting paid for your work. Being a professional is creating something even if you are not in the mood.

create something today even if it sucks quotes
via Pinterest

We all need inspiration to keep us going but, inspiration is a bitch. It only hits you when you’re about to go to bed or when you are busy doing something else. Therefore, instead of waiting for inspiration to come, why not start doing something. I read that the difference between an amateur and a professional is the ability to start something without an inspiration. That’s why go and create something.

However, if you still can’t do anything at all let me share to you some ways to be creative or to find some inspiration.

Take a walk

Most of you will say it’s overrated but, taking a step back from what you are doing will bring new things in mind. Sometimes we begin to have ideas the moment we step away from our desk. And, let’s not forget the power of nature. Its ability to spark our creativity is quite interesting. You can read that most creative people usually take a walk in nature to fuel their creative mind.

green fields of leaves and trees
Green fields hidden some place.
Photo: Vany V.

Listen to music

I find it interesting that when you listen to a certain kind of music, you begin to create something. Music has the power to influence how we feel, and with that, we should use its power on our advantage. Let the music flow within you and let it take control of things. Eventually, you’ll end up creating something.

Talk to people

When I say talk to people, I don’t mean gossip. What I mean is get to know people. Talk about interesting things in life. Talk about love, dreams, passion, anything that will make you fall in love with their stories.

Write, paint, or do whatever it is you normally do

If you are a painter, paint. If you are a writer, write. If you are a dancer, dance. Whatever you do for a living just do it even if you are not inspired. The only way to get into motion is to start something.

a painting with blue short strokes
The night sky.
Artwork and Photo: Vany V.

As I have said at the beginning, I write for a living. It’s difficult to drag oneself to write every day. But, I still manage to do it. At first, the things I write are not great but, as I keep on creating I begin to notice that words come out easily, and thus, I end up writing great articles.

Try something new

If you really are out of inspiration and no matter how much you try it’s fine. Instead of beating yourself up, why not try something different. Experiment on things. Take a class you haven’t tried yet. Go somewhere new. Learn a new language. When we challenge our minds by trying something out of our routine, we begin to see our true selves. We begin to start a fire inside of us.

a mini embroidery
My first try on the art of embroidery.
Photo and Artwork: Vany V.

I hope this simple list can help you get back your groove. But, if you still can’t find the inspiration to get going please don’t beat yourself up. Take some time to rest. You don’t have to rush things because what matters is that you are doing fine.

Stay positive! I promise you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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