A Secret Beauty in Camp John Hay

The best thing about being curious is when something wonderful has been discovered. There may be times when we become curious that it leads to something that could harm us; however, being curious also has its perks, and this I have proven to myself.

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”

Walt Disney

I live in a place surrounded by mountains and wonderful trees. It’s a small city here in the Philippines. There are a lot of places to visit when you drop in this cool city of Pines. However, the best part about this city are the places where you can connect with nature.

One common place that tourists visit are the trails in Camp John Hay. There are the Eco-trail and the yellow trail; but, I’m not going to talk about these common spots. What I would like to share is a certain place where not most people know. Here’s the map of where I discovered this breathtaking view.

Screenshot from Google Maps. The yellow circle is where I discover such a beautiful place.

An Uncharted Place

The place is certainly magical, and I’m not sure if a lot of people have seen it already. I wished that I have a drone at that moment because I think it would look great when I caught on camera the aerial view of the place. It looks like an untouched home for many wonderful plants and animals. I hope this wouldn’t be ruined by human’s trash. I hope that the beauty of the place will forever be preserved.

A place I discovered in Camp John Hay.

If anyone knows what’s the name of this place and the plant kindly share it on the comment section because I keep on wondering the name of these lovely plants. You can’t explore farther as the place is surrounded by water, so you’ll need a boat to go to the other side.

Doesn’t it look lovely?

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