Practicing the Art of Slow Living

The art of slow living is a wonderful practice in this time of our life. Since we all are busy running around to pay the bills, make a living, take care of people we love, and so on, we forget to stop for a while to appreciate life. We are so caught up in our dreams and hopes that we just let the present pass us by. The truth is life is not the past, and certainly not the future. Life is right now at this moment. It is only the now that counts. That’s why it is important for us to practice the art of slow living.

Art of slow living like drinking tea
Drink tea at the moment
Photo: Vany V.

When we say slow living, it doesn’t mean moving slowly. The art of slow living means to live at the present moment. You are not thinking about the future, but you are just enjoying now. One good example is when you are drinking your coffee or tea. Instead of drinking it while working why not take some time to drink your coffee while sitting still. You must not look at your phone or your laptop. You just have to savor the moment. Try to taste your coffee, and feel how smooth it is as you drink it. If you have a friend around, you can take some time to chat with them. Coffee and good conversations go hand in hand sometimes.

a quote about slow living by Thich Nhat Hanhs
Slow living according to Thich Nhat Hanhs
Photo: Jill Conyers

Although I have to admit this art of slow living is quite difficult to do. I try to practice it, but sometimes I tend to fall back to my old ways. That’s life! If we want something, we have to work hard for it. Therefore, if I want to really enjoy life at its fullest, I must learn to be conscious of my daily living.

Come join me, and let’s incorporate the art of slow living into our daily lives. You can start small like waking up early to watch the sunrise or make your coffee without rushing.

I can’t wait to savor each moment!

Here’s a photo of a list you can do to practice slow living this coming summer. I stumble upon this on Pinterest. The photo is linked to the website/ blog To Embrace the Chaos. Check out their website to find out more cool topics about life.

ultimate Hygge summer llist from To Embrace the Chaos
From: To Embrace the Chaos

Let me know if you’re practicing the art of slow living too, and how does it feel like doing it. Love to hear your stories guys.

Love lots,
Vany V.

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