Taking Small Steps to Save Mother Earth

I have always been in love with mother earth. I have always been so intrigued and mesmerized by its beauty. The diversified creatures of this planet all link to one another, and the extinction of one species, affects the other.

mother eart go green
Camp John Hay, Baguio. Photo: Vee

My love of nature rooted from a very young age. As expected from a kid, playing around surrounded by nature is a common thing during my time. Me, my sisters, and our friends, hike mountains, climb trees, and play on the rain. The green leaves, the colorful flowers, the sound of crickets, are all part of my childhood days. And as an adult, my inner child thrives within me, and sometimes I always have this aching longing to take care of what was ones mine.

I love to support a lot of cause, but I always end up wanting to save the environment. It seems that nature has a strong grip on my heart. I felt that saving the environment will not help a lot of people, but then I was wrong. I have realized that each life on earth must be protected for all to flourish. It may seem that supporting mother earth sounds useless but the truth is, it actually has a bigger impact than we thought of.

I always have this at the back of my head, a voice reminding me to find ways to save the earth, but I often neglect it. I don’t know why because I think it takes effort, and most of us don’t like to exert effort. However, the only way to see change is to do something. Therefore, I have taken the initiative to make some changes in my life.

For now I am beginning to decrease the use of plastics in my house, and for starters, I traded my shampoo bottles and sachets for shampoo bars. They are not only eco friendly but the ingredients used in the making are not harsh. They’re organic! My next step is to change all my skincare products to eco friendly ones. I am on a look for a facial bar. I hope I can find one soon.

shampoo bar handmade
Eco friendly shampoo bar by Handcrafted by Gypsies. Photo: Vee

Those are the steps I’ve recently taken. I am looking forward to make more changes to save our planet. For now we begin small, because change only happens when we take the first step.

Here’s to a better, brighter, and cleaner future. Cheers to our only home, Earth!

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