The Creation of Pepper Painting

Hey guys, I’ve been painting this wonderful piece for myself, but if you’re interested to buy it, well, why not.

Before I show you my painting, here’s a little back story of it. I was at work one day and I really got bored. My work requires me to use a laptop for 8 hours. Sometimes when I’m done with my job I have nothing to do on the internet. There’s no other form of entertainment at my work too, that’s why I just spend more time online (I honestly hate it). I was so bored one day and my mind starts swirling, and different ideas came rushing in. Suddenly, I remembered the painting “The Creation of Adam” by the Italian painter Michelangelo; and my thoughts begin to think of a recreation of this painting, only in a fun way.

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo
The beautiful painting of Michelangelo. Photo Taken from

Since I love cats so much, I was inspired to make a painting based on my cat Pepper. It took me days to finish this because I’m always using my phone or laptop (I hate doing this, it’s killing my time). However, I finally finished it. I hope that you’ll like it because I certainly love it, and does Pepper (I guess!).

The painting of Pepper and her demand of food.
The complete painting. Photo by Vee.

Here are some close-up details of my painting.

Pepper judging my painting of her.

Pepper and a painting of her
Pepper, the art critic! Photo by Vee.

This artwork is painted on a Campap watercolor paper, 300 gsm, 305 x 458 mm. I used gouache and ink as my medium.

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