Sustainable Living: The Beginning of my Journey

I try to challenge myself to become a better person, but often I slide back to my old habits, which is not a help for me. However, recently, I’m into this sustainable living thing. I don’t know but it makes me feel comfortable, happy, and simple.

I don’t know when it started but I’m still into doing it. Recently I have changed my diet to a more healthier and affordable diet. I go to the farmer’s market to buy local vegetables and fruits. I cook more often, and I’m aware of what food I take in. However, if I’m at work the food I eat is not a choice because it’s free, a part of our daily allowance. We eat a lot of meat, which is difficult for me to cut back. Therefore, when it’s the weekend I don’t take in any meat product. If I’m on a holiday, I also don’t eat any meat product. It’s as if I turn vegetarian when it’s the weekend. I choose to shift my diet because it makes me more conscious of everything.

sustainable life style
Buy in bulk to save more. Photo from the website dans le sac

I have also began reducing products that are wrap in plastics, but if I don’t have any choice I have to buy it. Here in my country, even though plastic is banned, people still use it because our government is not strict with some important rules. Since I’ve been avoiding single-use plastics, I have avoided eating processed foods, I look for healthy foods that can be bought in bulk. I spend less because the food I eat are affordable, compared to meat products or processed food. I even cut back on my habit of eating junk foods because of this practice. I have replaced all my shampoo bottles and skincare routine (which is now simpler compared to my previous post) into a more eco-friendly one. Plus, the products are organic and vegan. Way to go!

invest on an eco friendly shampoo bar
Shampoo bar that’s organic and locally made. Photo by Vee.

I’m not sure until when I’ll be into this lifestyle but I really enjoy it. I become more aware of my food, my carbon footprint, and I become more aware of my values. I even been happier since changing some of my habits.

Come join me on my journey to a sustainable life.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. tessykayler says:

    wow ,i like the fact that u reuse, reduce and recycle.please keep it up


    1. vanessa says:

      Thanks Tessy, I’m trying the best that I can 🙂


    2. vanessa says:

      Thanks, Tessy, I’m in fact enjoying it. It’s a bit difficult because it’s new to me.


  2. tessykayler says:

    i just love your style


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