Sustainable Living: What Happened to it Now?

I got sick recently and it was the worst. I even thought that I contracted Dengue fever, but thank God it was just a viral infection that mimicked Dengue fever only. Yesterday, when I was still in the hospital, I was thinking of my slow transition of living a sustainable life. But things changed when I got sick. For almost a month of reducing my waste, and avoiding single-use plastic items, all of it slipped away.

sustainable lifestyle
Guide to Living a Sustainable Life. Photo from sustainablecorner’s Instagram post

When I was in the hospital, I’ve been constantly using plastic water bottles and other single used items. I felt so guilty but I can’t do anything because I was sick, and the people who brought those items don’t know about my lifestyle transition. My sister was sick to go and refill my water bottle, and the worst part was the hospital don’t have any refilling station. So I was sitting there last night, alone in my hospital bed, feeling guilty of what happened.

plant a garden
My mom used to plant this green vegetables.

But I don’t want to dwell any longer for that one failure. Instead, I forgive myself for it and move passed it. I’m planning to return to my old lifestyle as soon as I’m feeling well. For now, I’ll be taking baby steps again to transition my life.

Did you have any failure in your transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle? What are they? Come share them on the comment section. Let’s help one another know that we are not alone in this world.

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