Sustainable Living: A Few Things I Trade to Live a Sustainable and Eco-friendly Lifestyle

On my last post, I shared what happened to my plan on living a sustainable life. I paused for a while, and now I’m slowly bringing it back. These items I posted are items I owned before I got sick, so I just want to share them to you.

Since changing my life into a more sustainable one, I began also changing some of my products. This only means I turn to locally-made, eco-friendly, single-use plastic-free packaging products that I need. I have even cut down on the things that I only actually need.

Eco-friendly items. Photo by Vee

In this post I’ll be sharing to you some of the changes I did since pledging myself to this lifestyle since the beginning of July (to be honest it’s difficult because I’m not used to it but I know it’ll get better as I commit to it daily).

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
  • Shampoo bottles to Shampoo bars
  • Plastic bottled oils to glass bottled oils (olive oil)
  • Liquid facial wash (Neutrogena) to facial bar
  • Refillable water container (reusable plastic because I bought the item before I knew about sustainability)
  • Processed and junk foods to home cooked meals
  • Paper cupped-coffee to homemade coffee
  • Turning off the lights every time I leave a room (I don’t do this before)
  • Shower less (usually I shower 30 minutes to more than)
  • Slowly decluttering my stuff
  • Ever since I’m a fan of secondhand clothes (lots of things to choose from and it’s unique)
  • Buy less (impulse buying is a habit of mine that I’m trying to change)
  • I carry an Eco-bag always and some produce bags that I made
  • I learn to say no to plastics (even if it’s not normal here in my city)
  • Bought a vegan and Eco-friendly detergent, but soon I’m planning on making my own. Probably next month, to reduce the need to buy all the time.

Those are some of the changes I did recently. I’m hoping to add some more like planting a mini herb garden, making my own toothpaste, laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, deodorant, and more. For now I’ll be focusing on this few things. I’ll be taking baby steps.

“Buy less, choose well.”

Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Designer

What changes did you do recently to live a sustainable, happy life?

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