Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are the best when you’re at home, lying down in bed with your comfy PJ’s, a cup of hot coffee, and a good book. But of course, if you’re like me who has to go to work, it’s not a great thing because you’ll always end up with cold, dead feet. (Just kidding, Haha!)

People love the rain because it has this nostalgic mood always associated to it. It could be because of the movies we watch that always add rain to make it more dramatic. And since we are all about rainy weather here in my city, I would like to share some of the things you can do on a rainy day.

Read a book

Obviously reading a book is a common thing to do when it rains. We see a lot of pictures of a girl reading a book while it’s raining outside, well because who can’t resist a book on a cold day. Plus, like in the movies, reading a book while it’s raining adds a dramatic effect to your imagination.

read a book on a rainy day
The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Photo by Vee


For me I love to paint, but whatever your hobby may be you can do it. If you love to cook why not. If you love to watch a movie, do it. Anything is possible, as long as you do something aside from sleeping. (Haha!)

Paint on a rainy day
Do what makes you happy. Photo by Vee

Play with your pet/s

When you’re busy it’s difficult to find time to play with your pet/s, but you have to because they need it. Aside from you’ll make you pet/s happy, it has also a good effect on your health. According to Help Guide, having pets will ‘elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax.‘ Isn’t that nice to know?

play with your pet or cuddle with them on a rainy day
Pepper and cuddling with Mr. Bunny. Photo by Vee

Check your to do list

If you have things to do that you’ve been putting off then this is the right time for you to do it. You said you’re going to clean your windows or wash the curtains. Probably it’s the right time to do it. You’ll thank yourself for finishing that activity you’ve been putting off because at least when the sun is out the next day you can spend time outdoors, instead of cleaning.

check your to do list on a rainy day
Check your to do list. Photo via


Yes I know it’s raining outside but you need to move your body. It’s no excuse not do your workout routine. Besides, it’ll definitely make you feel better afterwards, and it will also keep you warm while it’s cold outside.

I hope you enjoyed this simple things to do on a rainy day. Some are cozy while some requires effort but at least you’re at home. Feel free to share what you do when you’re at home and it’s raining. I would love to hear some great ideas.

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