Why am I still Single?

Have you ever wondered why you’re single? Does it cross your mind in a day or maybe somebody reminded you of it?

why am i single?
Photo via Tumblr

Society makes single people feel that they are missing out. Once you are single, they make you feel that you have a problem. That being single is not what we should be. Society always wants stories with romance, but not everything in life needs to be touch with romance. Love is not only about romantic love, there are different kinds of love, but society doesn’t often remind us of that. And now we think there is something wrong with us. We asked ourselves, ‘Why am I still single?’

You’re too picky

It could be that we are too picky with the people who ask us out. Or maybe, we set standards that are too impossible to achieve. I’m not saying that you should say yes to the first person who asks you out or shows interest in you, but sometimes we have to wake up from reality.

You’re too busy

Believe this, our generation loves to be busy all the time, and because of that, we sacrifice our social life and most importantly our personal life. Since we drown ourselves with our work, we don’t have the time to meet new people and go on a date.

You don’t know how to flirt

Sometimes you have to flirt to get someone you want. Try a little bit of this, and it won’t hurt. Flirting will add some spark to a conversation, therefore, you must learn the art of it. Flirt all the way people!

He’s just not that into you

Let’s face it, we like people who don’t like us and that’s why we are single. Don’t make an excuse that he didn’t ask you out because you’re too good for him. No honey, he’s just not that into you. So instead of pushing yourself into someone who’s not going to make a move, why not spend time with someone who shows interest in you.

He's just not that into you
Photo via Pinterest

You need to socialize

I know there’s nothing better than to go home and slip on your PJ’s, binge watch your favorite show, and eat a gallon of ice cream (I think that’s too much). But how can you meet people if you stay at home, then you complain that you are single? Girl, you have to get your ass off that couch and go socialize. Meet up with your friends, join a club, try some new activities, there are endless ways to meet new people.

But if you are happy being single that’s not a problem. I, myself, love being single because I have the freedom to go wherever I want to go, do whatever I want to do, and meet as many people as I want to meet. If you are happy being single, enjoy this moment, don’t let society make you feel that it’s not normal because it is. But if you think you’re ready to meet someone then go out and meet the love of your life.

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