What Makes me Happy

Happiness comes in different shapes and forms, depending on how we define it. My definition of happiness is a simple, happy life with the people who love me and having wonderful experiences. Happiness can be different for other people. We cannot force them to be happy with what makes us happy. Happiness is a subjective matter. That’s why what makes me happy doesn’t necessarily make other people happy too.

Knowing what happiness is to you will make it easy for you to comfort yourself on a gloomy day. For me, I sometimes do what makes me happy when I feel sad. And so I wanted to share to you the things that make me happy in life.

Having my wonderful cat Pepper

When I have a bad day or when some people are mean to me, I always come home knowing that Pepper’s gonna brighten my day. I have always been mentioning Pepper here, well I can’t help it, because she’s my first cat. Whenever I feel bored or have no one to talk to, I have Pepper. She is the top of my happiness list. I can’t imagine life without her.

Burnt loaf, Pepper. Photo by Vee

Making art/ creating something

I know I don’t post most of my artworks here because I’m too lazy to take pictures of it. But every time I paint, I feel an escape from this world. I love how art lets me get to know myself better. It doesn’t restrict me from being who I truly am. That is why art has always been my refuge.

Handmade key chain. Photo by Vee

Writing about the things that interests me

I write for a living and to be honest I don’t like the genre I’m working. I like to write about life, love, DIY, sustainability, art, and more. That is why this blog has been my escape for almost a year. I write the things that spark my imagination or interest.

art journal for 2019
Journal. Photo by Vee

I’m not a great writer, but I’m learning. I’d rather fail and learn something than pretend that I’m good and repeat the same mistakes.

Trying something new

This I often don’t get to experience, for here in my city there is not much seminars or workshops to attend; and if there is, I have work. But for me, trying something new is happiness because I get to learn a whole new skill, and I get to meet new people, and I love meeting people, to be honest.

Photo by Vee

Discovering places

I don’t travel because I have no time, I can’t find someone to look after my cat, and I don’t like spending that much money. I know these things are bad excuses and I have to get over it. But whenever I got the chance to travel I liked the experience. I like seeing new places, and I like trying new things. Often I love to travel with people I like because that’s the most important thing when you travel.

Somewhere in Camp John Hay. Photo by Vee

What I want to try next is to travel alone.

Happiness to me is often not things. Sometimes things make me happy, but I never included them on my list, because they only bring me temporary joy. The ones I listed bring lasting happiness in my life.

What about you what makes you happy?

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