Why I Stopped Writing in my Journal

Writing down your feelings, your intentions, affirmations, and all this stuff in your journal are amazing. Personally, I think journaling is very important to find out who we truly are because we are left with our thoughts and true self. It is during those time we rise above from where we are hiding and reveal our beautiful identity for once.

My journals from the beginning of the year. Photo by Vee

At the beginning of the year, I have been so excited to journal. I even bought a lot of things to put into it, and I was enjoying it. I have even set my goals for this year and what I wanted to happen, but life is not we intended it to be. We cannot set goals and be sure that 100% of it will truly happen. It may but not in our terms.

When I lost my rescued cat, Cayenne, I stopped writing in my journal. I have this feeling that when I set goals or plan about what I am to do, terrible things happen to me. This was not the first time I experienced it. First, when I was in med school I always make plans and it turns out I wasn’t able to complete my studies. Second, I was busy making plans when my mom got sick. Last, I tried it again this year and well see what happened.

Photo taken from @creatieur

I’m not saying don’t journal or make plans, I’m just sharing why I stopped journaling, and why I stopped setting goals because they don’t vibrate with my spirit, I guess. Maybe, I’m a wild and free child who only likes to go on spontaneous adventures instead of planning for the future.

Do you love to set monthly goals, intentions, and affirmations? Do you enjoy writing in your journal? Come and share your thoughts here.

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  1. Anna says:

    I like the concept of journaling but I don’t like to set goals. Plus every time I attempt, I get stuck: I believe I am more focus on achieve a pleasant aesthetic of the pages rather than actually make plans or goals!


    1. vanessa says:

      I totally agree..me too whenever I try to write in my journal all I just want is to make it look good rather than focusing on what’s important..

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