Hollow Coves Surprises Us with a Reflective New Single “We Were Young”

If you’re looking to reminisce your childhood days, with beautiful memories of yesterday and with a touch of today hanging around the corner, the Aussie Indie band Hollow Coves got you.

hollow coves
Hollow Coves. Photo from madik.co/hollow-coves-ii

Their latest single “We Were Young” wraps you around a simple melody with heartfelt lyrics. Reminiscing the beautiful memories of yesterday, but as you get into it, it pulls you back to the reality of today.

Unlike other songs out there, that only reminds us that our younger life is better than today, the band doesn’t want to end with such idea. Therefore, the song also gives us hope that tomorrow could be as wonderful as the past. But with a reminder that right now is the best moment of our life.

“We Were Young” is the lead single from their upcoming album Moments. It will be out on the 18th of October.

Take a look at this nostalgic song by Hollow Coves.

I certainly can’t wait for more inspiring lyrics and earthy melodies from these two.

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