I’m Counting My Plastics

There are many ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can go vegan, zero waste, vegetarian or less meat consumption, thrift shopping, buying what you only need, less waste, commute, turn off the lights, and a lot more. For me, I’m focusing on buying products not packed in plastic.

say no to plastic
Say NO to plastic. Illustration by Elliot Salazar

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a product not wrapped in plastic. It’s everywhere, and we are so used to it that we don’t mind about it. Hell, we even think that life is not possible without it. But life is, and life wants us to not use it, or we have to suffer the consequences.

I don’t want to go into details on what plastic can do to the environment but also to our health and our children’s future. There are a lot of documentaries about it, such as A Plastic Ocean (a moving documentary that you must watch to open your eyes from the truth). What I want to share is how I became more conscious about every decision I’m making to lessen my consumption of plastic in life.

Trailer of A Plastic Ocean

I began documenting how much plastic I throw away in a day. I started writing it down last Tuesday, the 13th of August. So that I don’t have to be harsh to myself, I gave myself first an amount of plastic I’m only allowed to throw in a day. This month, I’m only allowed to throw 10 plastics in a day. I know that’s a lot, but I’m trying to not be hard on myself. I’m trying to take baby steps. Next month, I’m only allowed to throw 8 plastics in a day.

Pasta packaging with plastic
One of the packaging with plastic that I have to throw away. Photo by Vee

Total Plastics I’ve Thrown Away in a Week

So far, I only throw less than 5 plastics in a day. I know that’s a lot, but compared to my lifestyle last couple of months, this amount is surely an improvement. The number of plastics I disposed from Tuesday to Saturday was 13. I know for 5 days, that’s a lot. I’m hoping that I’m able to reduce the amount of it as I go on living this sustainable lifestyle of mine. And, I’ll be updating you guys on the number of plastics I’m throwing daily.

This Friday was the worst as I’ve thrown away 5 items wrapped in or made of plastic because I have to use a coffee stirrer, next time I’ll be bringing a teaspoon wherever I go, and my cat, who has problem with her kidneys, has her treat packaged in plastic.

I’m hoping for lesser consumption of products packaged in plastic. Here’s to zero plastic lifestyle goals.

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