Sustainable Living: Powdered Toothpaste Review

Before my toothpaste packed in a plastic tube was consumed, I’ve already went out and bought myself a sustainable alternative online. I was planning on making my own toothpaste but I don’t know if I’ll like it, that’s why I ended up purchasing one.

I bought a charcoal powdered toothpaste packed in a glass bottle. And when I received it, there was not one single item wrapped in plastic. The shop I purchased my item only wrapped their products on used brown paper bags. How great is that! Plus, I have a free handmade soap too.

This powdered toothpaste is not my thing at first. It’s salty, but the mint flavor is great. The saltiness of the product is because of the baking soda used. I’m also not used to toothpaste made of powder. But, I can get use to this because the second time I tried it, I learned to only use small amount.

vegan powdered toothpaste
Sustainable toothpaste. Photo by Vee

The plus side, it makes my teeth feel clean and white. Although I’m not sure if I’ll buy again, not because it’s not good, but because I want to try to make my own toothpaste. If I kinda feel lazy to make my own, maybe I’ll purchase the item again.

Thanks to shops like this who knows how to not harm the environment. More power to people who knows how to care. Support this little shops!

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