What did You Eat for Breakfast?

This post is only about the breakfast I’ve eaten this morning. As I become conscious of the food I consume or buy, my diet changes too. Today, I ate a bowl of sliced bananas, topped with sunflower seeds and almonds, and drenched with almond vanilla-flavored milk.

healthy breakfast made with banana, sunflower seeds, and almonds
A healthy and delicious breakfast. Photo by Vee

Here I give you the nutrition you can get with such breakfast.

Bananas: They have a lot of benefits in our body, chief among them are Vitamin B6, Potassium, Vitamin C, and it gives you a beautiful glowing skin too.

Roasted Almonds: One great benefit of eating almonds is that it increases our good cholesterol (HDL) while decreasing the amount of LDL. They also contain Vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant for our body.

Sunflower seeds: They are a good source of Vitamin B, which is so important for our nervous system. As we age, our body also changes, our nervous system weakens. Therefore, we need to supplement our body to keep up with our changing body metabolism.

Almond milk with vanilla flavor: Just like cow’s milk, Almond milk is rich in calcium, which will make your bones strong and healthy. It’s dairy-free, delicious, and reduce the risk of heart disease because of Vitamin E and its healthy fat content (Oleic acid).

These simple ingredients all thrown together gives you a healthy, sustainable, and delicious breakfast. What did you eat for breakfast today?

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