What’s Holding Me Back?

Last month, I made a conscious decision to live a sustainable life. It isn’t easy because first, in my city and country there are not a lot of options for plastic-free or bulk items. Second, people will roll their eyes at you when you talk about it.

Since living this way, I felt a little bit of happiness in my life because I can live the way I wanted my life to be. But when I am with my friends, family, or my workmates, I don’t know what’s holding me back on why I can’t share to them my passion.

what could you accomplish if you were less afraid? jill celeste
Be brave little one. Photo by Celestial Circle

I am so passionate about saving the environment and humanity, but when someone is about to hand me an item with plastic, I take it. Yes, on my previous post I said I learned to say NO, but that’s when I’m dealing with strangers. But when it comes to people I know, I’m so scared of telling them about my goal in life or this transition I am trying to live.

I have this feeling that once I tell them about my conscious decision to live this way, they’ll laugh at me. They’ll think I’m crazy. I know that whatever people think of you doesn’t matter, but why am I so afraid to tell people I’m reducing my plastic and living a sustainable life?

save the planet
Save the planet. Photo via rawpixel.com

Maybe partly I’m scared, aside from people will judge me, because I don’t want to preach to them. I don’t want to talk to them about what my lifestyle is aiming towards. But I know that what I am standing for is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m not wrong on what I believe in, as long as I don’t force people to live the way I live. Now what I only need is to stand for my passion, and to be brave enough to fight for what I believe in.

Any tips on how I can come out to people that I want to save the planet by living a plastic-free, sustainable lifestyle?

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