Romantic Love is not the Definition of Happy Ending

Why do all stories need to end with a guy saving the girl? Why is it so important that a woman needs to be with a man to say that life and the story is a happy ending?

Ever since I was young, happily ever after always meant being with a man or someone you love. It’s always about romantic love, and it is not a happy ending if two people didn’t get together. This belief that happy endings are all about two people being together is madness.

at the end of the day all you need is yourself, please be gentle. dika agustin
Happy endings differ from one person to another. Photo via

I’m not bitter about romantic movies or people in love because I am actually and secretly a hopeless romantic. I do believe that you’ll be able to find your soulmate. That someone is out there for you, and you’ll fall insanely in love with them. But I do not believe that finding your life partner means happily ever after, like in the movies or novels.

I think women or any gender should be portrayed in a movie or book in a way that romantic love is not the ending. It must end in something empowering and strong that needs to remind our younger generation that there is more to life than just being swept away by your prince charming.

We need to make novels or movies that will remind us to love ourselves more, and that being with yourself and falling in love with yourself is normal. Movies showing us that being with someone else makes single people feel like they are missing out in life. It makes living a single life a crime. But, both sides have their perks. Movies and novels should show us the beauty of both.

It’s such a pity that many fall for the belief that a happy ending is only about being with someone you love. But it’s not only that, a happy ending can be about finding oneself, finding happiness, finding what matters in life.

a quote stated by Buddha about the important things that only matter in life.
Three things that matters at the end of our life. Photo via Pinterest

Happy endings can be anything that makes you happy when you finally found it. I hope you who’s reading this will someday find what you are looking for. Here’s to happy endings with pure joy and peace.

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