How can we Really Fight Climate Change

Do you know how exhausting it is to see people telling people how to live their lives, even though some are making the effort to make small changes? Do you know it’s so frustrating to read comments of people blaming others just because they are not living a certain lifestyle? Do you know how painful it is when a child blames adults for not caring for the environment when in reality we do, it’s just that we are not noticed or some are not privileged enough.

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We can end climate change when we individually work for it. Photo via

We all want to make a difference. We all want to rally and voice out or concerns, that is why we see young people shouting for change to protect the environment, to save our planet. We all want our opinions to be heard. We all care, but we cannot all move to make an action.

Why am I saying this? I recently read a lot about Greta Thunberg and other environmentalists who are trying to voice out their concerns about the environment. I am one with them on protecting the planet. I may not be as famous as they are, but I am trying to reduce my impact in this world. However, I think some don’t also realize this, even though we ask companies to find a sustainable way, to reduce the use of fuel, to panic, climate change will not end unless all of us will do something.

If you think about it, if we all do our part as citizens of this planet, to live a conscious, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle, we will be able to reduce our impact. But what this middle-class activists do not understand is that life on the other side of the world is not as easy as they thought.

How can you ask a mother of three children, living with a monthly income of 150 dollars to live a green lifestyle? How can they buy items not packaged in plastic? How can you expect them to buy items in bulk, purchase expensive organic food if they can barely eat three times a day? What some environmentalist don’t also realize is that in order to have a greater chance of reducing our carbon footprint is to dig deeper than just using electric cars, stop burning fossil fuels, and eating more plant-based diet. Yes, these are some of the solutions we can have to solve climate change, but compassion, equality, and understanding will also make a difference.

If we give people who are living below the minimum wage equal rights, fair salary, education, and more opportunity, there is a bigger chance that they will make a difference. If their lives are less focus on what to bring on the table every day, they will spend more time saving the planet.

I love nature. It is in my DNA, but I only made a difference and the conscious decision to live a sustainable life when I began having good pay because of my job. Since my salary is good enough to provide my needs, I now focus less on worrying about finances, and I began thinking of ways I can play my part in lowering my carbon footprint.

I wish some people who are passionate about the environment will know about this. I wish that they’ll also realize that some people are not blind they are just not privileged as you are. It takes effort for them to work to survive, and whenever they survive another day, they think they’re lucky enough.

To all environmental activists, leaders, companies, politicians, rich people or people who are privileged in life may you take into consideration that to combat climate change IS NOT ONLY (I’m writing that in caps to make readers know that it doesn’t mean it’s not important) about solar energy, electric cars, eating plant-based diet, reducing your waste and more. To fight climate change, we must ALSO provide a world where everything is given what they truly deserve. Pay the hard-working people of your companies the proper wage. Provide more job opportunities for people. Include education as a means to combat climate change. This will help people make a change in their life. If they worry less about money, they put more energy and time on saving our planet.

We need every individual to live a sustainable lifestyle, but we first have to provide their needs for them to be part of ending climate change.

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  1. Anna says:

    I totally agree with you saying that some are more privileged than others, even when it comes to conduct a low waste lifestyle: some don’t even have the possibility to choose. But I also would warn people out of the misconception that a low waste lifestyle (and I extend it to veganism too) has to be expensive. It should be rather the opposite: buy less, reuse more, spend less. Unless people fall into the “aesthetic” trap and let the trend guide them.

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    1. vanessa says:

      It’s true, and also some people don’t have the option. Like here in my country the cheaper items comes mostly in plastic packaging called sachets, it’s the only thing some people can afford 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anna says:

        Indeed, it’s really sad! I feel you!

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