Sustainable Living: How to Become an Eco-friendly Artist?

Now that I have decided to embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle, I began having problems with my art. Here in my country, we don’t have access to more eco-friendly art supplies. Whenever I try to do my research for such products, all of which are not available here. Therefore I have decided one thing, to worry about it later and use my stocks first.

art supplies
Some of my old paint brush. Old but still in perfect condition. Photo by Vee

I have a lot of watercolor and gouache paints I bought when sustainability wasn’t introduced to me, that’s why you’ll expect to see plastic tubes of paints in my artwork kit. But instead of throwing them out, the best thing to do is use it because it wouldn’t be sustainable or good for the environment if I throw away my paints just because it’s not eco-friendly. Besides, I’ve been using it for years, so I don’t have to worry about running out of it soon.

However, I’m always out of watercolor paper, and finding a sustainable watercolor paper is not easy, but the closes I can get is the Khadi paper from India. I’ve read that the company is a perfect example of a sustainable company. I have decided to purchase it as soon as I’m done with my other watercolor paper I bought last April. There’s a shop here in my place that sells Khadi paper, but if you know any sustainable alternative here in the Philippines, please tell me.

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