Sustainable Living: Face Moisturizer Review

Shifting to a lifestyle that lessens my impact on this planet is challenging. Some may not agree, but for me, it is, maybe because there are fewer alternatives for the things I needed. But as challenging as it may be, I am not a quitter. I may stumble a few times, but I am not ready to give up what I have already started.

Today I want to share how I was able to find an alternative way of having a face moisturizer. We all know that a lot of skincare products are in plastic bottles that you might or you can’t reuse or recycle. This then became a problem for me. Even though the ingredients are safe and it was never tested on animals, I was still bothered by the packaging it comes with.

I used to use Human Nature’s and Himalaya’s facial moisturizer. I previously wrote a review on these products. They are both great, but I was worried about the container. If they do offer refills or they take back all the costumers empty containers and reuse it, I think I can go back and purchase their products. However, for now, I’m not.

I needed a facial moisturizer because I have an oily face and I often get pimples when I don’t moisturize (because of the weather, my face sometimes dries out). I did some research that I can use oils as moisturizer. The best part is that most oils are packaged in a glass container.

I found my perfect match on Facebook marketplace. It’s not only homemade, but it’s local too.

face moisturizer
Pepita’s Secret Face Oil. Photo by Vee.

Pepita’s Secret Face Oil

Container: Glass with a dropper (I’ve asked the seller if she accepts refills so I can return my container, and she gladly said YES).

Content: Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Lavender oil, and Witch Hazel Extract

Amount: 15 ml

Scent: mild lavender scent but gradually disappears when already applied on skin.

Review: To be honest, I have no complaints with this product because I don’t get pimples that often. I have milia under my eyes, and I feel so frustrated about it for months (since the start of this year), but now it’s gone, and I love how my skin looks like compared before.

Shop: Navi Harth on Facebook

Do I recommend it? Yes.

The thing about choosing a sustainable living or lessening your impact is that you have to learn to research things and reach out to people, just like what I did. Before I purchased the product I asked if I they do refills so that I can return the container and I don’t have to add more trash. I have also asked the seller to wrapped my item on a recyclable packaging (no plastic). Now I am happy with my purchase.

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