Inspired by People Online

The internet has its pros and cons, and it’s up to us how we control the usage of it instead of the other way around. I may say sometimes the internet has control over me, and I hate the fact that I let that happen. But, on the other hand, I admire it too because I’m able to see a lot of things that inspire me. Not only for the creative aspect of who I am but in life too.

Today, I’ll be sharing some artists or people I admire lately on the internet. They are just random accounts I stumble on (to be honest most of these people I admire, I saw them first on Instagram).

Lauren Singer

I would like to call her the Queen of Zero Waste Lifestyle, but she actually isn’t the first to practice this, but she is definitely the one who made it popular. She proves that being an environmentalist doesn’t mean you have to be a hippie. Instead, Lauren shows us that you can save the planet and still be chic and stylish.

Image result for lauren singer
Lauren Singer, a chic environmentalist. Photo via

She is not only pretty, but I think she has a kind heart towards our planet. She runs her own business called the Package Free in Brooklyn, New York. She is absolutely my top favorite person this 2019.

Annie Tarasova

This lovely lady, I first saw her on YouTube. I was taken back by her love for art and spirituality. And, she also runs her own business called the Dreamy Moons.

Image result for annie tarasova
Annie Tarasova. Photo via

What I admire about Annie is that it seems that she has a positive outlook in life. These kind of people who sends positive energy to the world are the kind of people who inspire me to not only live a creative and positive life but to also try to align myself to the universe.


Christian Watson is not only an incredible illustrator but an excellent photographer. I have been following him on Instagram for ages. I was drawn to his aesthetically produced photos. It makes me feel cozy and homey whenever I look at his works.

1924us instagram
1924us’ Instagram account.

Not only do I admire his creativity but also his love for vintage things. Together with his wife, Elle May Watson, who is also as good as he is, they are one of a kind creative people. And they are now running their business online and a physical shop where they sell memorabilia.

Liskin Dol

A lovely artist who shows us how wonderful it is to live in the woods and be inspired by it. Liskin Dol, owned by Ellen Tyn, runs her own Etsy store selling embroidered things, from wallets to dresses. Aside from her beautiful creations, she shares photos of the food she makes, together with its recipes.

Image result for liskin dol
Ellen Tyn, the owner of the Instagram account Liskin Dol. Photo taken by her.

I’m constantly inspired by people on the internet. It’s nice to find inspiration from other people’s work instead of sulking around and getting mad that you can’t be good as they are. I hope you will also find people you can look up to in your life or whatever aspect of your life.

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