Sustainable Living: Deodorant Review

Since starting my sustainable or less plastic lifestyle, I have always been on a hunt for products that are safe for me and the environment. But as we all know, there are not a lot of commercially known eco-friendly products, and making one is time-consuming for me. However, with great effort and research, I found some places here in my city that have eco-friendly products. If not in my city, I found them online, which is only sold in the Philippines.

Today, I finally emptied my commercialized deodorant, and it’s time to throw my plastic container (oh boy! but it’s the last I promise). I was about to give up on finding an eco-friendly deodorant until I found one from a local shop here in Baguio.

handmade deodorant by ecocareph
Eco Care Ph, a handmade and safe deodorant.

Eco Mart Ph is a local consignment shop here in Baguio city that provides eco-friendly products that are honestly affordable. It’s a small shop that caters to costumers who want to lessen their impact on this planet. However, since it’s just a start-up, they only have the basic products needed for an eco-friendly lifestyle. What I purchased recently was a homemade, chemical-free deodorant by Eco Care Ph (I was actually in need of one, and then the universe send me this shop, wow!).

I was hesitant at first because I have read some reviews about homemade deodorant that it’s not great to combat the smell of your armpit, but I gave it a try.

Eco Care Ph Homemade Deodorant

Here is my short and honest review of the product.

eco care ph inner content of the product

Price: 120 pesos

Package: Tin Can (I’m not sure if they allow refill or not but I might ask them when I drop by again).

Ingredients: Cornstarch, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil, Tea Tee Essential Oil (EO), Lemongrass EO, and Lavender EO.

Scent: A hint of coconut, some essential oil scent that I couldn’t describe but it smells yummy and amazing.

Application: Just use your fingers to get the product, a few amounts will do, and you can rub it on your armpits.

Amount: 150 grams

back of the product
Ingredients of the product.

Result: It doesn’t cause me any BO even I have been out and sweating. But since there’s coconut oil in the formula it feels a bit sticky, but all in all, it’s great.

Recommendation: I definitely would recommend the product but you have to try it first to know if it suits you.

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