Read to Escape: “Halloween Party”

After my hype for “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt, which still exists as I am writing this, I dived into another mystery novel by Agatha Christie. Well, she is the queen of suspense and murder mystery stories, but this one I am not that much into.

mini embroidered house, a book, and a black cat
Agatha Christie’s “Halloween Party” and a mini embroidered house.

The book is short and is a series of detective Hercule Poirot’s adventures, but I am not thrilled about this one. Instead, I got a little bored reading it because it seems that I can’t even get any clue as who the murderer is.

As I approached the climax of the story, I still have no clue who the murderer was, then when I finally found out who it was. Well, I was not thrilled about it. I think this one is not a good one for me, but despite not giving me the heart throbbing suspense that I wanted, I still have found out some wonderful inspiring words from the characters.

“For success in life, one has to pursue the career one wants, one has to satisfy such artistic learnings as one has got, but one has as well to be a tradesman. You have to sell your wares. Otherwise you are tied to carrying out other people’s ideas in a way which will not accord with one’s own. “

What about you, did you enjoy Agatha Christie’s “Halloween Party?”

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