Sustainable Living: DIY Orange-Vinegar Infused Cleaning Agent

There are hundreds of commercially available cleaning products you can find. Some with a wonderful scent, while others promise a squicky clean result. All of these are great, but we forget one important thing, safety.

All cleaning products in the market contain unsafe chemicals that will cause harm to you and your family. But that’s the thing, for products to work and give you a good result, it must contain unwanted chemicals. This then places us at risk for many health hazards, and nobody wants that.

However, there are hundreds of ways to avoid products that contain harmful chemicals, and that is by making your own.

Since trying to live a more sustainable life, I discovered some ways to make and use products with fewer chemicals. This then assures my safety and the safety of my pet too. I have moved from using sustainable skincare products to detergent. Now I tried to make my own cleaning agent too.

How to Make a Safe Cleaning Agent

Making your own cleaning agent is easy. All you need are two ingredients only.

orange and vinegar cleaning agent on a glass jar
Orange and vinegar cleaning agent. Photo by Vanessa.


  • Orange Peel
  • White Vinegar

Surprising, isn’t it? Yes, you simply need two of these items. Put all of the ingredients on a glass jar and store it in a dark place, preferably under your sink. After two weeks, it’s ready to be used.

You can use other citrus fruit of choice. The fruit peel serves to take away the strong smell of vinegar, living you with a summery fresh scent of orange.

Aside from using the mixture of orange and vinegar as a cleaning agent, you can also use it as a fabric softener too.

Try one today and tell me how did it go.

Have a great day lovely folks!

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